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posted Oct 5

Back to Washington early tomorrow morning for what promises to be a wild week—but one I really have no control over.  We are waiting and watching to see what the House Republicans decide regarding the next Speaker of the House.  The GOP caucus really is at war with itself with 40-60 of their 247 members completely opposed to any compromise of any kind.  These are the ultra hardliners who want to shut the government down, impeach Obama, deport 12 million people, end birthright citizenship, etc., etc.  It’s hard to see those members supporting Kevin McCarthy, who needs 218 votes to be speaker.  This could get very chaotic before it is resolved.  And that’s bad for the country, even if it might technically be good for Democrats politically.  We need to govern and there is so much work to do.  Nothing happens when the majority party in Congress is paralyzed by its own dysfunction.

posted Oct 5

To all who love and value the Smith River, please know that I continue to work closely with my Oregon colleagues (Rep. Peter DeFazio and Senators Wyden and Markley) to protect this critical watershed form the threat of mining, and we are making progress!  I appreciate the support and help from Senator Mike McGuire as well.

The Oregon Water Resources Department dealt a setback Monday to a mining company’s plans for exploratory drilling near the headwaters of one of the country’s most pristine river systems.

posted Oct 3

First they impose new voter ID requirements to address a non-existent problem of voter fraud.  Then they close the facilities many black voters need to get their new ID cards.  Alabama is up to its old tricks.

Alabama closed 31 rural drivers’ license offices. Hillary Clinton says the move is a throwback to “Jim Crow” laws. Or is it a better use of state money?

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