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posted Aug 27

Thanks to the 150+ people who attended my Petaluma Town Hall last night regarding the Postal Service’s proposed closure of the North Bay mail processing facility.  This is a bad proposal that will cost over 200 jobs, reduce the already declining level of service, and make the postal service less competitive—a downward cycle.  We are going to keep pushing back on this, and also pushing USPS to do real innovation to revitalize our postal service—like modernizing the costly, unreliable, fuel-guzzling vehicle fleet; working with Congress to allow postal shipping of wine (like UPS and FEDEX); and changing the absurd 75-year prefunding of pensions that is the main driver of the service’s budget deficit.

posted Aug 26

I’m still enjoying salmon fillets from this 22-pounder caught off the coast of Marin a few days ago!  What a difference it makes for Northern California when there are wild salmon to catch.

posted Aug 26

Join me in Petaluma tonight for town hall regarding USPS proposed closure of the regional mail processing facility!

The US Postal Service’s North Bay mail processing and distribution center in Petaluma is facing closure, but Congressman Jared Huffman is hoping to fend

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