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posted Mar 22

President Trump’s inside guy, Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), shattered whatever was left of his credibility today.  This obviously choreographed stunt between Nunes and Trump does not in any way “vindicate” Trump’s bogus wiretapping allegations; it simply shows that Nunes and Trump are joined at the hip, and it proves (for anyone who needed more proof) that Nunes cannot be trusted to preside over a serious, bipartisan congressional investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia and Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.  He will continue to shield Trump and play partisan games.  We must have an independent commission to investigate Russiagate!

That was confusing!

posted Mar 21

North Coast friends, my big Family Jamboree is coming to Humboldt County on April 9th.  Great food, live music, and just the right amount of politics.  Plus, kids are free!  Please join me for this fun event!

posted Mar 21

In Trumpland, lying is the new truth.  Bear in mind, Rep. Nunes is not only Chair of the House Intelligence Committee where these names have been bouncing around for months, he is a huge Trump supporter and was on the transition team.  There is exactly zero chance that he doesn’t know quite a bit about Page, Stone, Manafort, Flynn, and the whole unsavory cast of Russia-connected characters.  We cannot have confidence in his leadership of the “investigation” into Trump’s Russia ties.  That’s precisely why we need Congress to create an independent commission to the job right.

Devin Nunes claims he’s unfamiliar with Roger Stone and Carter Page. Huh?

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