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posted May 21

Great article presenting real science to debunk the absurd climate change denial narratives we heard in the Natural Resources Committee this month.  I’m honored that my “chocolate cake” quote was cited with approval!

Dana Nuccitelli: Republicans in Congress once again chose denial and theatrics over problem solving

posted May 15

Mr. Boehner:  to quote the great Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does.”  When Congress consistently cuts and underfunds AMTRAK and the positive train control system is delayed in America’s busiest rail corridors, at some point those who demanded the cuts and underfunding need to answer to the consequences of their actions.

Speaker John Boehner’s said Thursday it’s “stupid” to blame federal funding of Amtrak for the deadly train crash in Philadelphia. Democrats responded, in so many words, that the comment itself was dumb. And at least one safety expert said that federal investment in train-spee…

posted May 15

Almost surreal discussion in Natural Resources Committee this week on CEQ’s proposed guidelines for federal agencies to consider climate change in NEPA analysis.  27 courts have already found this to be required, vs. one court that disagrees.  Yet my GOP colleagues insist climate change is disputed and should ignored.  Meanwhile, they suggested that humans also emit greenhouse gasses so it’s impossible to figure out where to draw the line in NEPA.  CEQ suggests 25,000 metric tons per year.  I had some fun pointing out to a Republican colleague that if she emitted that much gas, she probably wouldn’t have any friends!

Congress grappled with just how voluntary White House guidance on greenhouse gas emissions for environmental reviews really is at a hearing of the House Committee on Natural Resources on May 13.

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