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posted Oct 21

posted Oct 21

This is a sad reality and a major reason why our country is so politically divided today:  people choose the news they want to hear.  The media should educate and inform, not indoctrinate or become a partisan echo chamber.  I think many people are hungry for real objective news they can trust, and it’s too hard to find.  You can’t watch Fox News for more than 2 minutes without hearing an anti-Obama rant.  MSNBC has too much repetitive programming from liberal commentators (4-5 shows saying the same things with different hosts).  CNN could be the answer if it would tone down all of the sensationalism.  After weeks of speculation disguised as “breaking news” regarding the missing Malaysian airplane, I gave up on them!

Die-hard liberals and down-the-line conservatives have segregated themselves into strikingly different news universes, relying on sources of information that often reinforce their views and discussing politics mostly with others of like minds, according to an in-depth new study.

posted Oct 20

This Saturday in Eureka—my final campaign event!  Still some tickets left so please join me for the 3rd annual Seaside Social by clicking here!

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