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posted May 3

Perfect tribute to Peter Douglas, a friend a coastal protection icon who is missed by all.

A remote, misty forest on the Mendocino County coast, known for its redwoods trees that grow in odd shapes like candelabras, will open to the public this week with a memorial to one of California’s most famous coastal champions: Peter Douglas, who helped write the California Coastal Act and served a…

posted May 3

If Speaker Paul Ryan really wants to lead a productive, functioning House of Representatives, he should start by abandoning the gridlock-inducing “Hastert Rule” which is as discredited as its namesake.  Unfortunately, Speaker Ryan has pledged to continue following this partisan roadmap to dysfunction.

Mr. Hastert’s admission of abusing boys has prompted a reassessment of his tenure, and he emerges as a deeply flawed leader.

posted May 3

Proud to be endorsed by California Teachers!

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