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posted Mar 3

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech today, I joined a group of Democrats—some who attended the speech, some who skipped it—to voice my concerns about both the political context and the substance of this ill-timed speech.  You can hear my remarks by fast-forwarding to 35:13 and again to 43:34 in the C-SPAN video.

House Democrats hold a news conference to respond to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress and the manner in which the invitation was made by Speaker…

posted Mar 3

Good news:  the Department of Homeland Security is funded through the end of the fiscal year, along with the rest of the federal government.  It wasn’t pretty, but in the end Speaker Boehner realized he had no choice but to work across the aisle on a clean, bipartisan funding bill instead of continuing to appease the extreme ideological wing of his caucus.  There’s a lot more we could get done together if he continues to work across the aisle.

posted Mar 1

My op-ed in today’s Marin Independent Journal on the tax debate in Congress.

It’s tax season, when Americans descend into the U.S. tax code and return bewildered and/or enraged. Our tax code is riddled with loopholes. Some large corporations pay nothing. Others pay their full share. Oil companies get special perk

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