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posted Apr 24

I’m honored to have been part of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s segment last night on over-the-top deification of Ronald Reagan by congressional Republicans.  Rachel featured my tongue-in-cheek proposal to rename Earth “Planet Reagan.”  Rand Paul caught knocking GOP’s false saint Ronald Reagan via @maddow

Rachel Maddow shows how Republicans worked to inflate Ronald Reagan’s image to the point that they’re stuck canonizing a politician they don’t necessarily agree with or else spinning a story not supported by the facts of history.

posted Apr 24

Last week I helped celebrate a 35-year perfect safety record by UPS driver Barry Young.  How many people can claim that?  UPS managers and Barry’s Teamster coworkers were on hand to induct him into the prestigious “Circle of Honor.”  Barry credits his driving record to always keeping a “safety cushion” between his truck and other vehicles.  Good advice!

posted Apr 23

It was a terrific Earth Day!  Starting with my 7th annual environmental breakfast with North Bay conservation leaders, then a couple of school visits - including celebrating this very prestigious “Green Ribbon School” award given to San Dominico School by the US Dept of Education.

While a group of students gathered around a picnic table in San Anselmo’s San Domenico School’s organic Garden of Hope and checked the progress of the small plants they are cultivating, their peers were filing into Dominican Hall for an event they’ve been eagerly anticipating.

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