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posted Aug 23

Looking forward to another “Coffee with your Congressman” Town Hall meeting in Geyserville tomorrow morning!

posted Aug 23

North Coast friends - there’s less than a month until my 5th annual Seaside Social in Eureka!  Please reserve your tickets now and join me September 17th at the Wharfinger Building!

posted Aug 23

Great news for those of us who believe that displaying the hateful, racist symbol of the Confederate flag should not be allowed on federal property:  I just received a letter from the Veterans Administration responding to my request that they change their policy for flag displays.  The VA will no longer allow the Confederate flag to fly from flagpoles at our national cemeteries!  You may recall that I authored an amendment to ban these insensitive, gratuitous displays and it passed the House with bipartisan support earlier this year before it was secretly blocked by House Republicans.  Kudos to the VA for doing the right thing with this reform—and none too soon, as hateful displays of the Confederate flag are popping up at Donald Trump rallies and gatherings of white supremacists, including the so-called “White Lives Matter” protest pictured below.  Racist individuals and groups have a First Amendment right to display this symbol, or a swastika, or whatever they want in protests or on private property, but it should never be displayed in a non-historical context by our government on federal property.

The Confederate Flag waved in front of the NAACP…

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