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posted Jul 28

I’ve joined over 100 House colleagues in calling on Speaker Boehner NOT to adjourn for “August Recess.”  After accomplishing almost nothing this year, the House GOP Majority spent most of July launching yet another inquiry into the Benghazi tragedy and preparing to use your tax dollars to sue the President.  Meanwhile, the West is dealing with catastrophic drought and wildfires, we have a broken immigration system and humanitarian crisis at the border, the export-import bank which is critical to American manufacturers, small businesses and farmers is about to expire, the VA system is in dire need of reform, etc., etc.  Far too much work unfinished work to declare a 5-week recess, if you actually care about governing…

Congress appears likely to wrap up for its summer recess having cobbled together only the minimum to keep the government functioning without addressing a list of pressing concerns.

posted Jul 28

Working right now to get more information from the State Department about Iran’s troubling “detention” of a journalist with strong family ties to Marin.

WASHINGTON — A Washington Post reporter who grew up in Marin and his wife are among four journalists detained in Iran.

posted Jul 26

As we head into the heart of fire season, and as Congress heads toward an August “recess” that shouldn’t even happen, many of us are supporting the President’s requested supplemental funding package for fighting wildfires.  Unless/until we fund wildfire suppression like other natural disasters (i.e., from the disaster response part of the budget), agencies like the U.S. Forest Service will be unable to carry out PREVENTIVE vegetation management work in our forests because each year their budget is eaten up by fire suppression.  Western Republicans like Mike Simpson (R-ID) get this.  If only Speaker Boehner will let this bipartisan solution come to a vote!

BY PAUL ARDEN WASHINGTON >> Reps. Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) and Scott Peters (D-San Diego) led a letter recently signed by 25 California Democrats urging swift action to address funding shortfalls in the nation’s wildfire suppression

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