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posted Dec 3

I just received the sad news that Gary Giacomini, former Marin County Supervisor and longtime community leader, died last night.  This is the passing of a legend.  Gary had such a profound impact on our environment and quality of life in Marin County and beyond.  He was one of the most colorful, strategic and irrepressible characters I’ve ever met—right out of the Phil Burton political mold.  You had to get to know him to understand that beneath a sometimes gruff or even brash exterior was a man with an enormous heart that guided his public service and community work throughout his remarkable career.  I’m honored to have known and worked with Gary, and to count him as a friend.

posted Dec 3

A humorous and too-charitable explanation of Donald Trump’s wildly careening, ever-shifting, fact-defying politics:  maybe he has actually has no memory!

It’s not real unless you see it on TV.

posted Dec 3

I would love to be wrong, but one of my many fears about Trump as our commander-in-chief is that he becomes a “useful idiot” for some despotic world leaders.  So far, his engagement with world leaders as president-elect could be called the Useful Idiot Tour.

Mr. Duterte, the president of the Philippines, described a phone call with Mr. Trump, who had not confirmed Mr. Duterte’s comments.

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