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posted Mar 5

Tomorrow I’m heading to Selma, Alabama as part of a congressional delegation that will be joined by President Obama to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the march for voting rights at the Edmund Pettis bridge.  I’m deeply honored to join my colleague, civil rights legend John Lewis of Georgia, and many other civil rights leaders, for this historic occasion.

posted Mar 4

Appreciate this Marin IJ editorial about my decision to attend the Netanyahu speech, notwithstanding my criticisms of his message and the partisan politics that brought us this ill-timed speech.  I realize some people wanted me to boycott this speech, but I did not feel right about that.  As I said elsewhere, there’s something outrageous and objectionable happening on the House floor almost every week—so if I started skipping sessions I’d pretty quickly have a truancy problem.  I consider it part of my job to be present for whatever happens.  Others may disagree, but that’s how I see it.

Despite calls by some for Rep. Jared Huffman to boycott Tuesday’s speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Huffman took his seat in the House chambers and listened.Before and afterward, he was sharply critical of both Netan

posted Mar 3

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech today, I joined a group of Democrats—some who attended the speech, some who skipped it—to voice my concerns about both the political context and the substance of this ill-timed speech.  You can hear my remarks by fast-forwarding to 35:13 and again to 43:34 in the C-SPAN video.

House Democrats hold a news conference to respond to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress and the manner in which the invitation was made by Speaker…

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