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posted Jul 28

Here’s my newsletter tonight entitled “Newton’s Law of Politics,” reflecting on the DNC convention and the path forward for Democrats and for our country! Dear Friends, The great scientist Sir Isaac Newton taught us: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Turns out there is a political corollary to Newton’s Law, but the forces are not equal. In politics, it’s easy to create the “action” of sowing anger, hate, and discord. That’s what we saw at the Republican Convention last week in Cleveland, and it’s the essence of Donald Trump’s dark and divisive campaign. The “opposite reaction” – unity – is much harder to create. But once set in motion, it is far, far stronger. Newton’s Law of Politics can be stated simply: “We are stronger together.” That’s what we saw this week in Philadelphia, where I was honored to participate in the Democratic National Convention. From the passage of the most progressive party platform ever, to the powerful personal stories, to the soaring inspiration in speeches by President Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, Corey Booker and others, our shared American values were on full display. The Democratic Party is unified, and we took an important step toward unifying the country to elect a uniquely qualified candidate, Hillary Clinton, as the first woman President of the United States. But feeling unity of values and purpose is not enough. We must act on it. Here’s why action matters so much right now. On every major issue – climate change, college affordability, income inequality, civil rights, immigration reform, campaign finance reform, gun violence, women’s reproductive rights, healthcare reform and more – this election is a choice between starkly different paths forward. Like it or not, this historic inflection point is upon us, and it will shape our country and the world for the ages. With so much at stake, our general election campaign begins now. For President, for my congressional seat, and for so many critical offices up and down the ballot, now is the time. You can count on me to run the kind of campaign you will be proud of. With your support, I promise to return to Washington so I can keep on fighting for our shared priorities – and to do whatever I can to help win key races in California and beyond so that we can move this great country forward. Will you join me in this critical work by making a contribution today at Let’s all do everything we possibly can to win and ensure that we have no regrets on November 9. Our to-do list is long, but each item is extremely important. We must overturn Citizens United so that we can reform our campaign finance system and get dark money out of politics. We must do more to confront climate change and accelerate our transition to clean energy. We must make higher education affordable for everyone, and create a fair and just tax system that promotes economic opportunity and discourages corporate inversions, offshoring of jobs, and greater concentration of wealth at the top. We must enact comprehensive background checks and other common-sense gun violence reforms. And we must have a sane, coherent foreign policy that keeps us safe, makes the world more stable and avoids war. Achieving our goals will not be easy—it has never been. But we’ve got to keep fighting. We must do the hard work of building unity, acting upon it, and defeating those who threaten to take our nation backward. We can and will become stronger together. Thanks for your help,

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posted Jul 28

What a historic, unifying, inspiring night in Philadelphia!  The bar was set very high this week, but Hillary Clinton cleared it with her masterful acceptance speech.  Onward!  (Photo courtesy of Sarah Wire, LAT).

posted Jul 28

History!  I’m with her!

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