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posted Oct 8

Our dynamic Attorney General Kamala Harris is running for U.S. Senate, and she’s coming to Sonoma County later this month!  I’m proud to be an early endorser of Kamala’s campaign and hope you can join me for this reception to support our next Senator!

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posted Oct 8

Absolutely stunning news that at today’s GOP caucus meeting, Kevin McCarthy withdrew his name as candidate for Speaker.  My moderate friends within the GOP caucus are in disbelief over the chaos and destructiveness of many in their own party.  This may technically be good for Democrats, but it is BAD for the country when the majority party in Congress cannot even select a leader.  Would any of you want that job?

posted Oct 7

Yesterday’s moment of silence on the House floor for the victims of the Oregon shooting felt hollow.  We do this after every mass shooting, and then we do nothing else.  I’ve had enough moments of silence.  It’s time to have some votes on the bipartisan common sense gun violence bills that have been sitting there without action ever since Sandy Hook!

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