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posted Sep 30

When unhinged people convince voters to let them run a country…

Since Duterte swept to power in July, more than 3,300 Filipinos have been killed, either gunned down by police in late-night drug operations or felled by assassins, often after being named by police.

posted Sep 30

We can’t afford, and don’t need to spend $1 trillion on nuclear weapons modernization!  Grateful that someone with Secretary Perry’s experience and gravitas is speaking out on this.

These missiles are expensive and dangerous holdovers from a long-gone era. It’s time to phase them out.

posted Sep 30

My latest newsletter in case you haven’t signed up to get it directly—and a request to support my efforts to elect good Democrats, if you can, by tonight’s midnight deadline. Dear Friends, This week Congress narrowly avoided another government shutdown. It’s a good thing that we have a temporary agreement to fund the government through early December, and that overreaching demands by hardliners within the Republican majority were defeated, for now. But no one should be proud of the do-nothing 114th Congress. This legislative session has been largely wasted. Enormous amounts of time and money have been poured into partisan theater, including endless Benghazi hearings, ranting against Planned Parenthood, demonizing immigrants and refugees, and trying to impeach the IRS Commissioner. You may associate this reckless, hateful, right-wing agenda with Donald Trump — but the truth is, Republicans in Congress were saying and doing all of these things, and more, long before Trump brought them to the national stage. Meanwhile, it’s been nearly impossible to make progress on policies to keep Americans safe, healthy and financially secure – like common sense reforms to address our worsening gun violence epidemic; reducing student loan debt; and providing federal relief for thousands of children who are still exposed to lead-tainted water in Flint, Michigan. Even emergency funding to fight the Zika virus — an obvious and seemingly bipartisan priority — didn’t get done until just this week due to months of bickering and opposition within the Republican majority. With Congress now in “recess” (over my objection) until after the election, I am heading back to California’s great North Coast more motivated than ever to break through this gridlock and dysfunction and bring positive change to Washington. To do that, we’re going to have to win elections. I hate to put this in such partisan terms, but the recklessness and extremism in today’s Republican party – which bears no resemblance to the GOP of even a decade ago — makes it unavoidable. The bottom line is, we’ve got to bring more Democrats to Congress so we can finally get things done for the American people. You can help me elect good Democrats in key congressional races by making a contribution now. Your support before the FEC deadline tonight not only helps me win re-election; it helps me support fellow Democrats in tough races, so that we can get Congress working on the things we care about. In the last Congress, the Republican majority shut down the government with their partisan obsession with repealing the Affordable Care Act. At the beginning of this year, Speaker Paul Ryan promised a new direction. He said Congress would return to “regular order” by letting important issues come to the floor for votes, by having an orderly budget process, and by avoiding the constant threat of government shutdowns. Again, they failed to deliver. Big issues never made it to the floor for votes. Republicans were too divided within their own caucus to even pass a budget. And we just narrowly avoided another government shutdown — while punting important funding decisions into December. This dysfunction is not going to change under current management. We simply must do everything we can, right now, to take back Congress in this election cycle. Click below to help me and other Democrats win this November and bring the kind of change we need to Washington – please donate now before tonight’s midnight deadline! Thanks so much for your help, Jared

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