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posted May 28

Help rank the “Top 10” worst examples of climate denialism in Congress!  Is it Sen. Inhoffe’s famous snowball on the Senator floor?  Rep. Louis Gohmert’s “Galileo” argument?  Or perhaps Speaker Boehner claiming he’s “not qualified to debate the science over climate change” (but he’s happy to debate the science of female reproductive choice and myriad other subjects)?  You decide!

Don’t see your favorite Climate Change Denial moment in the list? One voter-submitted entry will be included in our final Top Ten list!

posted May 28

“We cannot effectively intervene in a region where so few share our goals.  For instance, in Iraq and Syria, both Iran and Saudi Arabia have acted as ‘arsonists’ and ‘firefighters.’”  I couldn’t agree more!

We need a new motto for battling extremism in the Middle East. “Fighting terrorism” hasn’t worked so well.

posted May 28

Proud of our Golden State Warriors!  Onward to the NBA Championship!

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