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posted Aug 25

A leading nonpartisan analyst, Larry Sabato (Sabato’s Crystal Ball), just published an article predicting Democrats will retake the House majority this fall, and explaining the forecasting model that points in this direction.  No one should relax or rest on their laurels, but hopefully this begins to dispel the conventional wisdom that the House won’t be in play until after the next redistricting.  Democrats take heart (and get to work)!

We are pleased to feature the work of the many top political scientists who have built these models, both in an attempt to predict the outcome of the election and, more importantly, to identify the factors that actually affect presidential and congressional races. Below, Campbell lays out the detail…

posted Aug 25

Now this is interesting!

posted Aug 25

Before blindly accepting the latest media narrative that Hillary Clinton gave all sorts of special access to donors of the Clinton Foundation, please read this article and apply your own independent judgment.  In this case (and others), the media is recklessly fueling a narrative rather than reporting facts. It would also help if the media reminded people once in a while that the Clinton Foundation is not some nefarious SuperPAC or a source of money for the Clintons—it’s a charity that does important things to fight poverty, disease, discrimination, and climate change all over the world.  The media should also acknowledge that Bill and Hillary have never made money from the foundation.

The story is that there is no scandal.

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