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posted May 23

Kudos to KPIX for joining me in investigating the federal fire safety standard for children’s car seats—a poorly designed rule that exposes millions of young children to carcinogenic flame retardants without any real safety benefit.  I’ve been pressing NHTSA on this for months, and will be introducing a bill this week to require a new federal standard that takes into consideration the health effects and exposure risks of toxic flame retardants in children’s car seats.

A recent KPIX investigation repeatedly uncovered concerning, even cancer causing, chemicals in a majority of the car seats tested, and many blame the federal government.

posted May 21

Proud of my endorsements on the new site, in addition to the hundreds of 2nd district endorsers that have come to us directly.  We have the most numerous, diverse and substantive endorsements in this congressional race.  Please consider adding yours!

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posted May 20

Out of the blue, I got this note today from a lifelong Republican who just switched to being a Democrat:  “After meeting with you and your staff Monday in Petaluma, I have been convinced that further association with the Republican Party is no longer viable, let alone tolerable.  The only true path to sanity begins with reasonable thoughts backed by appropriate action.” I don’t do my town hall events to convert people to the Democratic Party, but it’s a nice bonus when it happens! JH

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