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posted Mar 1

My op-ed in today’s Marin Independent Journal on the tax debate in Congress.

It’s tax season, when Americans descend into the U.S. tax code and return bewildered and/or enraged. Our tax code is riddled with loopholes. Some large corporations pay nothing. Others pay their full share. Oil companies get special perk

posted Feb 27

There appears to be a compromise tonight in the Homeland Security funding standoff:  a 7-day “patch” funding measure on the guarantee that the House will be voting on the Senate’s bipartisan, clean, full-year funding bill next week—the outcome I and others have been demanding from Speaker Boehner all along.  This isn’t pretty, but if this is the deal then it gets us to the right place and I will support it.  Stay tuned.

posted Feb 27

Kudos to Republicans in the US Senate:  they had the good sense to join with Democrats in a bipartisan vote to fund the Department of Homeland Security for the rest of the year.  They don’t like Pres. Obama’s immigration order, but they weren’t willing to shutdown a critical part of the government to make a political point.  The House GOP is a different story entirely.  This week we’ve seen once again that for them, making extreme political demands—repealing the Affordable Care Act, blocking the President’s deferred action on deportations, and who knows what’s next—is more important than governing or even protecting our safety.  Let’s hope they come to their senses in the hours ahead and allow a vote on the bipartisan Senate bill.

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