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posted Feb 12

If you agree with me that the House GOP plan to privatize the FAA is a terrible idea, please sign my online petition!  America has the most complex, most congested, and yet safest airspace in the world.  Let’s keep it safe!

This is no time to play politics with a vital public service. Privatizing the FAA would not only jeopardize public safety, it would likely mean added costs for taxpayers and declines in service.

posted Feb 12

As I prepare to turn 52, it’s hard to believe I used to jump and spike and dive after volleyballs, but I’m glad the folks at UCSB remember—and I’m honored to be nominated to the Gaucho Athletics Hall of Fame!  Looking forward to the induction ceremony in April.  Go Gauchos!

Gaucho Hall of Fame Induction Set for April 30 at Santa Barbara’s Lobero Theater

posted Feb 11

The owner of the Rancho slaughterhouse has now been tried and sentenced for his role in the disgraceful actions that led to a massive beef recall two years ago.  But the other part of the story—how the USDA allowed all of this to happen under the nose of its inspectors, one of whom was reportedly sleeping with a slaughterhouse employee—still must be told.  I will keep pushing for answers and accountability from USDA.

Jesse “Babe” Amaral Jr., the Rancho Feeding slaughterhouse owner whose sale of meat from condemned and uninspected cattle led to a nationwide food recall two years ago, on Wednesday was sentenced to one year in federal prison and a year

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