Enough giveaways to big oil!
10/23/15—Friends: Funding for our parks and public lands just took a major hit thanks to a few members of Congress... Read More

Great editorials supporting Jared’s water legislation!
​6/30/15—Friends: over the past two weeks I’ve been working hard to provide a serious congressional response to the critical... Read More

Did you hear the great news?
​June 26, 2015—The Supreme Court just made a historic ruling in favor of marriage equality! California has been a leader in... Read More

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Campaign News and Updates

Thank you North Coast!
November 20, 2013—My trip to the North Coast earlier this month couldn’t have been better! On Friday, Novemeber 8th, as part of our initiative to expand the California Coastal National Monument, I welcomed Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to the Mendocino Coast and joined her for a spectacular hike on the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands – complete with breaching Humpback Whales! Secretary Jewell was moved by the beauty of our coast and pledged to work with me “to make the community’s vision a reality.” Then I was off to Humboldt County for a whirlwind Saturday that included a meeting with leaders... Read More

Last events of 2013 coming up!
​Oct. 30, 2013—Please join me at one of my final two events of 2013, coming up the next two weekends! (Details below). Thanks for helping me finish the year on a strong note! Warm regards, Congressman Jared Huffman THIS SUNDAY, Nov. 3rd! Bounty of North Bay This family-friendly event (kids are free!) features great local cuisine and live music by Cahoots on the picturesque grounds of the Marin French Cheese Co. just outside of Petaluma. Forecast is clear and warm, but bring a jacket! Sunday, November 3rd from 3:00 to 5:30pm! CLICK for details and tickets! NEXT SATURDAY, Nov. 9th in Eureka! North... Read More

Back to work!
​October 25, 2013—We’ve just seen Congress at its worst. The 16-day government shutdown, the partisan brinksmanship that almost caused our country’s first-ever financial default – these are things that should never happen. They accomplished nothing except to hurt millions of people and cost our economy an estimated $24 billion. Many of you spoke out against the shutdown/default debacle including signing petitions and writing letters and emails. Thank you for doing your part and for supporting my efforts to end this manufactured crisis! Make no mistake; the pressure we created made a difference. The overwhelming public outcry forced Speaker Boehner to... Read More

Government Shutdown Update
​October 4, 2013—I’m writing with an important update on the federal government shutdown, and also to inform you of the rescheduling of October campaign events due to the situation in Washington. There’s a lot I could say about the needless shutting down of our nation’s government and the Tea Party extremists who orchestrated it. But the best descriptions come from inside House Republican ranks where some are starting to realize that this stunt is not only damaging and irresponsible, it’s pointless—it won’t succeed in repealing the Affordable Care Act. Conservative Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Visalia) said... Read More

Midnight Shutdown
September 30, 2013— At midnight tonight, our federal government will start shutting down. You know I don’t like partisan rhetoric, but I have to be candid about what’s happening in Congress: House Republicans are playing a dangerous game. Millions of Americans will be hurt by the shutdown, including troops and first responders who risk their lives on our behalf. Our fragile economic recovery is being put at risk. Why? Because House Republicans want to block the Affordable Care Act from taking effect. So, after 43 failed legislative attempts to repeal “Obamacare,” the Tea Party fringe of the House Republican Caucus has... Read More

No Time for Recess!
August 3, 2013— It’s disappointing that Speaker Boehner just adjourned the House of Representatives for August “recess” instead of staying in session to tackle the pile of unfinished congressional work – including votes on comprehensive immigration reform, gun violence prevention, replacing the “sequester” cuts that are undermining our economic recovery, and key appropriations bills that are needed to avoid a government shutdown in October. Instead of holding votes on these critical matters, Speaker Boehner is stalling as he tries to appease the extreme anti-government, anti-immigrant Tea Party wing of his party. The shameful result: this is shaping up to be one of... Read More

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