Enough giveaways to big oil!
10/23/15—Friends: Funding for our parks and public lands just took a major hit thanks to a few members of Congress... Read More

Great editorials supporting Jared’s water legislation!
​6/30/15—Friends: over the past two weeks I’ve been working hard to provide a serious congressional response to the critical... Read More

Did you hear the great news?
​June 26, 2015—The Supreme Court just made a historic ruling in favor of marriage equality! California has been a leader in... Read More

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Campaign News and Updates

Thank you!
​Nov. 5, 2014—Last night the voters of the 2nd District overwhelmingly re-elected me to the House of Representatives! This was a team victory and I’m so grateful to friends and supporters like you who made it possible. I’m also humbled by the strength of our showing. We are on track to finish with over 74% of the vote and in every part of the district we won with the highest margin of any legislative or statewide candidate on the ballot. We even won in the GOP strongholds of Trinity and Del Norte Counties, something no Democrat has done in many... Read More

Signs, Colbert, and More!
Sept. 25th— With the November election just a few weeks away, I have three important campaign updates for you! First, it’s time to put up our cool Huffman for Congress yard signs! If you saved your sign from the primary, please go ahead and put it up now. If you need a new sign—either a regular yard sign, or a super-sized sign for high visibility locations, simply reply to this message or click HERE to send me your sign request and we’ll get right on it! Second, did you see Jared on Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report”... Read More

Our past and our future
​May 27th— This month I participated in events that highlight our obligations as citizens of this great country to keep faith with the past and the future. In Fort Bragg, a moving Memorial Day service paid tribute to those who died serving in our nation’s military, reminding us that our freedom didn’t come for free. At the VA clinic in Santa Rosa, a meeting with veterans focused on the need for better transportation to get them the medical and mental health care they need and deserve. And in Arcata and Kentfield, I gave commencement speeches at Humboldt State... Read More

A year of action
February 9, 2014—I want Congress to accept President Obama’s State of the Union challenge to make 2014 a “year of action.” One area that requires urgent action is California’s drought – potentially the worst in our history. This crisis calls for leadership and real water management solutions, not partisan politics. That’s why I introduced the FORECAST Act last week. This bill would incorporate modern weather science into the operation of many western dams, like our nearly-depleted Lake Mendocino. Why is that important? Because under existing law, the Army Corps of Engineers must follow rigid operating rules that are decades out... Read More

My Freshman Year in Congress
Dec. 30, 2013—As my freshman year in Congress draws to a close, I want to thank you for the incredible honor of representing the North Coast of California in the House of Representatives, and for the support and encouragement that sustained my work this year. On one hand, it was a frustrating year. I knew partisan dysfunction was going to be a challenge, but I didn’t realize the degree to which Tea Party extremists and their politics of obstruction had taken control of the House. The results say it all: no votes on critical issues like comprehensive immigration reform and... Read More

50 Years after Assassination, JFK’s Legacy
​November 22, 2013—Three months after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, I was born into a world that was already being shaped by his legacy. From civil rights to science, space, the Peace Corps, and environmental protection, President Kennedy launched major initiatives that led to transformative results. As a child, I drew inspiration from pictures of JFK, RFK and MLK I kept on mybedroom wall. I associated this trinity of assassinated leaders with social justice, civil rights, and a bold, positive vision for America. Today, as a new member of Congress, I appreciate more than ever President Kennedy’s imprint on our... Read More

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