Thank you!
​Nov. 5, 2014—Last night the voters of the 2nd District overwhelmingly re-elected me to the House of Representatives! This was a... Read More

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Thank you!

​Nov. 5, 2014—Last night the voters of the 2nd District overwhelmingly re-elected me to the House of Representatives! This was a team victory and I’m so grateful to friends and supporters like you who made it possible.

I’m also humbled by the strength of our showing. We are on track to finish with over 74% of the vote and in every part of the district we won with the highest margin of any legislative or statewide candidate on the ballot. We even won in the GOP strongholds of Trinity and Del Norte Counties, something no Democrat has done in many years!

While I’m energized by our victory, I’m sobered by the fact that it was a bad night for Democrats in many parts of the country. In a tough mid-term election with low voter turnout, dismal approval ratings for President Obama, and massive SuperPAC spending on behalf of Republicans, Democrats lost the United States Senate and it appears we have lost about 15 seats in the House.

When I return to Congress next week for the start of the “lame duck” session, I’ll be saying difficult farewells to colleagues who won’t be back for the 114th Congress. And I’ll be taking stock of the political terrain for the next two years: a GOP-led Senate, and a Republican House Majority with many new members who won their elections by promising to be even more aggressive in opposing President Obama – with some even promising impeachment. The forces of extremism, partisan conflict, and dysfunction are likely to be emboldened in the next Congress.

We’re just going to have to overcome it. No matter how challenging the political climate may be, I promise to keep working hard for the people of this great district, to fight for our priorities and values, and to never give up trying to solve problems and get things done. No one ever said this would be easy.

Today, I have so much to be grateful for: the honor of continuing the important work we’ve begun together; a wonderful family that supports me in this journey and keeps me grounded; a loyal and dedicated professional staff that sets the gold standard for legislative work and constituent service; and the greatest congressional district anyone could ever hope to represent!

Thank you so much for the trust and confidence you’ve placed in me once again. As they say in the northern part of my district, onward through the fog!

As ever,

Rep. Jared Huffman

P.S. As you are reading this email, my campaign team is actually still working hard! They’re taking down large campaign signs all over the district. We always pride ourselves in being the first campaign to get our signs down, and I hope you’ll help in that effort! If you have a Huffman for Congress sign, please take it down and either store it at your home for 2016, or contact us by clicking HERE so that we can make arrangements to pick it up! Thank you!

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